The Cosy Corner Episode 5 – Lockdown!

So it’s official…London is in LOCKDOWN! We are of course complying with the Governments orders of social distancing so we bring you our first ever podcast recorded with the help of Wattsapp!

This episode we discussed what we believe could be potential outcome for the music industry after COVID-19. We also spoke about what albums/artists we’ve had on repeat over the last week in lockdown so be sure to listen out for our recommendations and let us know who you’ve been listening to!

If you are a musician struggling because of the pandemic then please head over to to find governmental advice and resources.

We will continue to deliver our podcasts every other week so if you’re a musician or music lover who would be up for chatting with us over Wattsapp/Skype/FaceTime etc then please get in touch via our contact page or social media!

Stay safe everyone and speak to you again in a couple weeks xxx

DISCLAIMER: We recorded this podcast before the Government confirmed the Statutory Self Employed Scheme.