The Cosy Corner Episode 3 – Amelia Dare

Welcome to episode 3 of the Cosy Corner with Symilar! Massive thank you to everyone who’s been supporting us on social media, we have now reached over 200 followers on IG! And even bigger thank you to everyone who’s been listening to our podcast (WE LOVE YOU!).

This episode we sat down with our good friend and extremely talented singer-songwriter Amelia Dare. Originally from Bradford On Avon, the now London based artist dropped her first single Teaser last week and now has over 1000 streams on Spotify! 

Aside from making tasty RnB tunes, she is also the founder and host of ‘A Night of Original Music’ (ANOOM); a monthly event showcasing up and coming artists from across the London music scene. Head over to their socials to find out more.

Make sure to go follow Amelia to be the first to know when she’s playing next and stream her new single Teaser which is available on all streaming services. And keep sharing and spreading the love for Symilar, let us know who/what you want to hear next! ‘till next time, love!