April Review: Sya’s Favourite Tunes Released This Month

Sya's favourite tunes released in April!

Well this month of April 2020 was to remember, being aware that we are living a period that is gonna be in the history books feels odd but every situation has it’s bright side. So this month I was super happy to release my first single ‘DOPE” (woopwoop) and also discover new music by sick woman artist who released tracks as well because the world needs to keep on turning people ! Here is some I really enjoyed this month:


This first song was my obsession of the month ! XS by is one of the track of SAWAYAMA, Rina Sawayama‘s second album who was released this month. I discovered the Japanese-British singer thanks to Instagram where the cover of the album looks absolutely fantastic. Alternative pop, the tune is giving some serious early 2000 pop vibes with a nice rock twist that will make you get on your feet. Rina also dropped the music video on youtube and it is a fun and refreshing as the song, the type of tune that will put you in a good mood. I also advice that you go listen to the full album SAWAYAMA cause the full artwork is very cool !


The 8th of April, Pippa Violets released LUST, her debut single as a solo artist and the lead track from “The Lust, Longing and Loneliness”, an artwork that will quoting her words be a open and honest exploration of the three themes entitled. LUST is a alternative pop that as the power to make you feel sexy as soon as the chorus drop. The lyrics incredibly raw and honest are a good mirror of hidden emotion that as human we are often to shy or private to share. I personally want to make a dramatic slow motion entrance in a club feeling fit with LUST playing in the background. The second single of the collection LONGING will be out the 8th of May and knowing Pippa’s creativity and beautiful mind it is hard to not be exited for what’s coming next !

FORFEIT – KIANA LEDE (feat. Lucky Daye)

This one of for all the rnb lover, if you don’t know Kiana Led√© yet you are welcome. I’ve been following this artist’s work since bog break through with her single EX in 2018 and was really looking forward for her new album KIKI and it didn’t disappoint. Released this April the album is showing some very juicy featured artist, Ari Lennox, 6LACK and more but it is the feat with Lucky Daye on FORFEIT that is a pure ear candy. Kiana’s soulful voice and the layback beat and that soft organ coming in the chorus, contrasting with the aggressive lyrics will make you nod your head during the entire song.


UNDONE by Zsela took me to my core with it’s lyrics hypnotic slow melodies and amazing harmonies. Such a poetic tune, a simple sub-bass and a beautiful voice, the vocal arrangement makes the song feels like a 2:22 minutes trip to another time space. So much emotion is express in one strip down song, when less is more. Mesmerizing is the perfect word to describe UNDONE the last song of Zsela’s first EP “Ache of Victory” that is a journey in itself. I can’t wait to see what would be coming next for the emerging New-York artist.


Let’s all fly together to LA for Kari Faux, the rapper just has a very sick flow, crazy fun lyrics and esthetics, a breath of fresh air ! SKIT is a interlude song of Kari Faux’s latest album “Lowkey Superstar”, a 39seconds song that won me over in 10seconds and 2 lines, she said ‘Uphill battle against patriarchy with a plastic knife, That’ll probably be the synopsis of my f***ing life’ and I felt that.. Don’t think more arguments are needed to explain why SKIT made it to my top songs of the month, to you plastic knifes everyone !


If you though you were gonna escape it you a fool.. Talk about two powerful womens leading the music industry ! The duo that we do not deserve, perfect to walk in the street with loads of attitude. You could be a man listening to it and still feel like you the baddest gal of the town. Megan Thee Stallion is without a doubt a superstar in the making if not already made. SAVAGE REMIX as already reached more the 10million views on Youtube just 3days after being released. If you feel low just picture yourself dancing on this tune when the lockdown ends..

I’m done here is my list ! Which one of these tunes are our favourite? And what are your favourite tunes released this month? Let me know over on insta!

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